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Last year, Max wrote in our annual Christmas letter to family & friends – “Kara and I are working on our business plan and will open a restaurant in 2017. This time next year, I’m sure I’ll have a few stories about that.”

This made me feel both happy & nervous. Happy because it would be a dream come true but nervous because writing it in the annual letter is setting up some high expectations! 10 months later, we’ve just finished our soft launch & first [practice-run] service and we couldn’t be more overjoyed about it.

The whole experience was a huge learning curve & a labour of love for both of us. We spent every single day analyzing every detail; trying to imagine how to best bring to life the vision we’ve been building in our minds for years. This project is definitely something we’ve taken on whole heartedly.

And the most popular question along the way was of course:

What kind of food will it be?

We originally answered those questions by naming the types of dishes and using words like homestyle & comfort. But it’s totally more than just a great burger. The bistro really reflects our own style of eating, which we like to describe as balanced. Clean and nourishing options for every day, indulgent and comforting dishes for those days of celebrating or holidaying.

As Chef Dave perfectly puts it – we’re doing things the right way. We cook whatever we can from scratch from the closest resources we can find. Bringing dishes to people’s table today and being able to talk them through the process of each item on their plate made me extremely proud.

They’ve been pumping out everything from sourdough using our own starter to hand-rolled puff pastry to the best little cocktail sausages you’ve ever tasted. Because you can taste the love in it! And it tastes damn good.

We’re putting a strong focus on celebrating vegetarian dishes because diets are changing, ourselves included. We can definitely still appreciate a good steak but no longer feel the need to have meat with every single meal. Partly for the environment, partly for our own health, partly because the dishes are really tasty!

And because diets are changing, restaurants need to adjust too. It’s our goal to create a place where friends with different dietary needs can enjoy a beautiful meal and share a bottle of wine and they all walk away completely satisfied & happy.

We’ll be open for business next Friday and can’t wait to be serving you!

Dine Graciously,

Kara Dobrochodow

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