For the Love of Coffee

I’m working from home this morning and thought I might treat myself to a little splash of baileys in my home brewed coffee, a bit of a celebration for a wonderful first 2 weeks. And for the first time, my die hard classic favourite just wasn’t hitting the mark. It took a moment before it dawned on me that it’s totally because I’ve been spoiled with drinking beautiful flat whites every morning for the last few weeks straight.

Espresso Yo'self 1

The café element of the bistro was entirely Max’s vision. He felt the coffee scene in Canada ‘just isn’t the same’ as the likes of Australia. He always speaks a lot of how important a great coffee is and how you could find one in nearly every single café in Sydney. It’s always really cute to watch him talk about it, he’s had such enthusiasm to bring that little bit of his home into this concept.

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I challenged him quite a bit on the topic at first. I am a Canadian after all, and a black cup of percolated coffee serves me just fine. So when it came down to needing the stunning (yet a bit of an extension on the budget) Victoria Arduino White Eagle espresso machine, he rose to the challenge and offered great reasonings in favour of choosing to be a both bistro serving really great food & cafe serving really great coffee.

And the next thing I know, I appreciate the darn machine so much that I’m wishing I was in the bistro this morning so I could’ve put baileys into THAT beautiful coffee instead.

The coffee list reflects the Aussie style so in translation that means;

Long Black (aka Americano)
Flat White (silky, frothed milk without foam)
Macchiato (espresso with a dash of foam)
Cappuccino (dusted with chocolate)
Latte (served in a clear glass)

So when you break it down, we really are offering two kinds of service. Max’s strong focus on providing a perfect latte and Chef Dave’s beautiful baked goods & pastries bring you our Aussie style of cafe.  Scratch made, thoughtful meals from the kitchen mixed with a beautiful selection of unique BC wines from the bar bring your our full service bistro experience breakfast, lunch & (soon to be) dinner.

proudly serving (organic & fair trade) Salt Spring Coffee // photos by the talented Shelby Jenkins 

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