Sunset overlooking Pemberton Valley


Sunset in Whistler mountains

Whistler has instantly started to feel like home to us.

People often ask why we chose to open up our restaurant in Whistler.

It’s because it’s always been a sort of magical place for us. The peace in the mountains, the buzz of the village, the happy feeling we get every time we’d visit. We weren’t aware of the huge sense of local community within Whistler though, and it’s been the icing on the cake.

I was born & raised in the small town of Golden BC and the importance of a strong community was bestowed on me by my mother. She was a partner at the local insurance company and watching how she interacted with her community & other local businesses gave me a clear understanding of how it’s invaluable. She taught me the basics – that it’s important to shop down the street so we can help put food on our neighbour’s table. She always stuck to her word and often even brought meals herself to various neighbours in their times of need. Looking around downtown in Golden today, over twenty years later, there’s so many of the same locally owned businesses thriving due to the support of the people in the small town. They grew and prospered together.

Mom in front of Evergreen Insurance Services, Golden BC, 1992
Mom & I on the back of Evergreen’s float in the local rodeo parade, Golden BC, 1989

I didn’t take notice of that community feeling in Whistler until we started construction on Fifi’s. While we worked on the project, people would stop by daily just to introduce themselves and welcome us. We worked with tradesman from all local businesses and really appreciated the genuine customer service that we received. Since we’ve opened, we continue to feel an immense amount of support from the locals. It’s been so great to get to know all the names & faces around town.

This is only year one for us and we’re so happy we opened up our business within such an amazing community. We look forward to continuing to build strong relationships and helping each other grow. Max & I welcome you to introduce yourself when you’re in dining with us next.

We’re now open for dinner from 5pm on Thursday through Sunday’s. Look forward to seeing you soon!

Dine graciously,


Top Photo Credit // Sunrise overlooking the Pemberton Valley (& also hanging in our dining room) taken by @bradslackphoto (who also deserves credit for the craftsmanship of our gorgeous reclaimed fir bar)

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